Fly Solo

"...and I...I fly solo"

Learn it, live it, love it. I have. I haven't posted a new blog in forever...sooo here's a photographic catch up:

 Sol Fusion night these.

 The realization that I'm really just not...very all.

Flip Burger AMAZINGNESS. (Turkey burger in lettuce wrap, fries and a ginger margarita....yep...GINGER.

 Stepping outside of the box with beer...this here Lion Stout is from SRI LANKA. Good stuff. I recommend it. With a burger from the Vortex of course.

 Ohhhhh...St. Patrick's Day. Fun, fun, fun St. Patrick's Day. Good times.
 Healthy yumminess groceries from Trader Joes!!! Who doesn't love this place?? BTW, best peanut butter I've ever had.

 Bar-b-que!!!!!! From an awesome little spot that I cannot disclose. But I can say it's near L5P ...#FULL #delicious..if you don't know about this place, you're missing out.

 Tag renewal. In MARCH.

 Trips to the museum...good me time. good times.

 Davio's. Main course. 'nuff said.
 Davio's. Appetizers. YUM.

 My discovery of Jameson & Ginger. At the Saloon. Go figure.

 OBSESSION. Spinach salad (add chicken) from Fresh 2 Order. OBSESSED with this.

Take it back to Valentine's. This is how I celebrated..with my best friend...and just for the record, we were able to get our prizes within 45 minutes of being there. #winning

 Sweats. I mean what else does it look like? Early morning gym rat action.

 Krispy Kream doughnut MILKSHAKE. oH Em gEeeeeeEEEE!!!!!!!!

Pizza and limonata from this amazing little pizza place...Pizza Antico Napoletana...ohh sooo Italian...soooo amazing.

And that'll do it for this round. Much more to come. I won't stay away this long again, I promise.

Peace, love and smiley faces.