No apologies...No regrets...Just amazingness (Retro Post)

After an amazing Saturday night with amazing friends-some 'old', some 'new'...a tutu, dancing all night in 6" (GLITTER) heels, cake on a car, marines looking out for other marines, a cozy backseat with a second zebra print cake, china, a tipsy birthday girl (in a tutu), outbursts from the other Capricorn in the car not taking any shit...aaand a nose ping (yes, a-la Superbad in those sleeping bags)...I realized...those are the moments you live for. Side-splitting laughter-the kind where you can barely breathe, sheer silliness, glittery shoes, nails and chests. Tinted and toned legs...big hair, good drinks, hookah pipes, and great people who don't give two shits what anyone else thinks right along with you.

See here's the have to live for yourself and no one else. Until of course you have kids and a husband and the whole nine...picket fence, golden retriever...umm...yea that. Because THEN you're living for everyone BUT yourself first, then comes you. It's just the way the (organic, macadamia nut and white chocolate chip) cookie crumbles.

UNTIL then however..The night is young and so are we. So baby let's see, do and be all that we can be!!! Lets be standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom while applying  MORE hairspray to already mile-high hair (we tease, we don't use bump-its)...Purple eye makeup, silver sequined bloomers, a pink corset, glitter pumps and a tutu and ask...."IS IT TOO MUCH??" isn't. It's absolutely perfect! Just like this night and your friends and this amazing hot mess that is so satisfying!


We are perfectly imperfect and that's all that matters. We drink too much sometimes, we curse, we seamlessly speak in Spanish then English, we assume everyone speaks Spanish, we hug, we kiss, we dance... we love hard, play hard and WORK even harder. So when we do get to have those moments and good times...we shouldn't do anything but cherish them. 

I'm honestly not sure whether it's a good or bad thing that in my 25th year I've realized...I only have to make myself happy. And if there's anyone in my circle that is offended by that...disagrees with that...or gets angry about that...well then...that's not a real friend. This is something I believe everyone should realize. If my happiness doesn't make you happy and vice versa...the shit isn't real. I want to laugh until I can't breathe. I want to drink margaritas and be ridiculous, I want to take pictures of EVERYTHING and I want to share it all with the people I love. 

So before you second guess anything you WANT to do that is going to make you happy because of ANYONE else...just remember...


And...once you start living for YOU...everything else will become aligned. It's natural order. Your life, your rules.

Until next time....

Peace, love, glitter and tutus.

 I'm off on an adventure.