Retro Post: T A N S T A A F L

Today, as I was eating my lunch at my desk-my free lunch, provided by my place of employment (#win), I couldn't stop thinking about an acronym I always heard in school-usually in an economics class:

"T A N S T A A F L"

WTF does that mean, you ask? Well, it stands for "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" and it's considered to be the first and most important rule of economics. Basically anyTHING that is offered for free is a cost to someone in some way. Here are some examples of things that are free but really cost-SOMEONE..That someone might even be you:

If you want to think about it in pop culture terms, think about the FREE cell phone offers providers always have 'on special'-yes, you DO get a free phone, but you also MUST commit at LEAST a 2 year agreement. If you don't want to be locked in to that then guess what, that free phone just jumped up in price to about $300 easy.  

Are you a beauty buff? Think about those 'Free' facials, makeovers etc. that they offer. Yea, it's free to you unless you decide to purchase what they used, but if you don't...the company eats that cost. I know you're probably thinking, what's it to them, they make millions...they can afford this. And I'm not going to front, that's totally true. But what happens when too many people are coming in for free stuff and not buying any of it after their trials? THAT particular shop you're visiting for all the freebies is having to write-off more and more product which may very well make sales run into the negative because if you're writing off $300 worth of product a day, and bringing in $500 one day and $150 the just doesn't add up. Then the big guys at corporate looking at the spreadsheets come to the conclusion that this shop must not be making them any money...soooo...that location needs to be shut down. are lost, so on and so forth.

Even this lunch I had today-school grade in quality, but did the job nonetheless... and it was free. BUT the workplace is a school. Lottery-funded. Meaning the government gets the bill for the meals provided here to the children. So taxes or lotto ticket purchases help pay for it....sooooo technically....I am paying for are you if you live, work and 'gamble' in Georgia. So Thanks from me and all the little ones that got to eat today.

My point is...nothing is ever REALLY free. Unless you live in a jungle, kill and harvest your own food and build your home out of trees you cut down...someone has to pay for the free stuff you get. Some people need that 'free' stuff more than others and it's really hard to tell who those people are. So...stop you're bitching and be thankful for what you've got...whether you had to pay for it or not, whether you know you paid for it...or not.

And that my friends, is your stop and think about it moment for the day.

Peace, Love and Happiness ALWAYS. Smile bitches!