Retro Post: 2010 is gone. GOOD RIDDANCE.

A look back at 2010-in pictures. The good, the bad, the fabulous, the annoying...the amazing.

2010 was full of bullshit times, good times, really really hard times and ultimately a brand new point of view all around. 2010 taught me a lot about myself and others...and was so kind as to show me who my real friends are. I thank it for that...but am so...SO...SOOOO glad it's over. It's a brand new year. Pop bottles and pop the cap off of a whole new you.

Ok enough chit get the point. You know what you gotta do to be the best you and make this year a BANGER. LETS GET IT. Enjoy the look back pics of 2010 ladies, gents and others all alike.

Dinners at 6 Feet Under. Amazingness. 

BIG hair and big poufs. Always fabulous. Yes. That is my head. And my hair.

THE BURN PICTURE you were all waiting for. This is what my tummy looked like :( Almost completely healed now. #fuckyea #goodgenes 

If you know Atlanta, and you love cars, you WERE at this exhibit at the HIGH Museum. OMG I loved it. SO MUCH. That was a good day in 2010.

Oh yeaaaaaa..lots of cupcakes were baked this year. I love cupcake batter and cupcakes. And they make everyone matter what. LOVES IT.

Vodka/oj at DYSON's place-getting my hair DID. He's the best stylist in Atlanta AND Dallas, if you didn't know. LOVE HIM!

FISH BOWLS. Oh em gee. 

I just love this. If you don't appreciate what Jay has done for himself as a business....MAN....kick rocks. #muchresepect

LOL..I know I'm not the only one that felt like this at LEAST 10 times this year. Whatever it was you were going through...U wanted to cut a bitch at SOME didn't act on it obvs, but damn if you didn't WANT to. Just being honest. 

GLITTER SHOES!!!!!! Amazingnesssssss!!!!!

Icy pretty. Glad we don't get the full blown blizzards here though, can't even lie. I'll deal with the 19 degrees 5 times in a winter. lol

S/O to Lokito for opening THIS bottle of Snapple lol this quote is wild. Wild but true.

Bacardi & coke hiiiighhhh up in the air on my Airtran flight to San Antonio, TX. Yea, you saw this pic in my WTF Happened in Texas blog. 

BOB MARLEY MUSIC. You just have to love it. The vibe it gives, the melodic magic. 

Me and the love of my life, best friend for 10+ years Danni...before we headed out to the super amazing..and I DO mean amazing Phantogram concert.

Wine. With strawberries. This was frequent in 2010. 

POLAR BEAR FEETS. Winter 2010.

Another frequent location-especially for the Summer of 2010...Prickly Pear on W Peachtree Yeya. 

The amazingness that is Redbox. No explanation needed.

Care packages from Puerto Rico! Wepa!!!! Quenepas & mangoes. #boricua

Neighbors that look like Riley from the Boondocks. Smh. 

Sake Bombs!!! World Market sushi sets! 

Sketchy doctor's offices. Smh. Never went there again. WTF is this????? Not approved.

SLEIGH BELLS!!!!! If you don't know about them, figure it out. 

Fabulous 'staches with my fabulous Argentina Nhy...mi corazon!

Tall brooms that are for no reason taller than me by FAR. Smh. 

Absolutely unacceptable work conditions in East Point. 

Unknown callers ....DECLINE.

Useless apps. Like the talking cat. Cute app and all...but nobody was still entertained after 30 mins. 

Don't give two shits feets up on casual Friday. Still got all my work done. #BAWSE

ohhhhhhh yea......shots and drinks and foolishness at the Yacht Club in Little 5 Points. Good times. If you ever go, request Shane-he's the BEST waiter in the place.

Cinco de Mayo 2010 Celebrations!

AIDS Walk 2010...fueled by Muscle Milk

Wooooh!!! Birthday Celebrations! In sweats!!

Aaaaand that's about it for 2010...The last pic is from my birthday night-didn't do much, just stayed up all night and drank/acted a fool in sweats. Lol. Yep. If you don't like it.....ummm....I...really don't give a sh*t. :)



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