Retro Post: "Together we'll go far" -Wells Fargo

Yea this entry has nothing to do with Wachovia, now Wells Fargo. However, has anyone else noticed the Suntrust advertisements like this one popping up everywhere since the Wachovia/Wells Fargo and Wamu/Chase mergers?

Direct chops at Wachovia/Wells and WaMu/Chase. Which actually makes me the banking world, when one bank gets merged with another, is that considered selling out? Also...what is the small print with the new account holder agreements? Did it change very much or at all besides new cards for everyone? Hmmm.....

And....on to the next. The reason for the Wells Fargo quote. When things get tough and you're at or damn close to rock bottom, THAT is when you realize who your real friends are. Those are the ones who come to your side, take you out when you're down...oh and most important-those who join forces with you and make shit happen. Think for a moment about your skills and think about those of your friends. And finally...think about which people in your circle would think to put those skills together and come up with a great plan. A way to find alignment and growth, a way to solve problems, make money...something to prevent both of you from having a panic attack.

If you thought of anyone...Be happy they're in your life. The ones that care enough to be there for you just like you'd be there for them in your time of need and stress and instability...THOSE people are keepers. The rest of  'em? Well...quite frankly...fuck 'em. Because at the end of the day... (press play)

Until next time friends, foes, and voyeuristic individuals....Live well, love much, laugh often.