Curls Bookshare: Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Ok before I begin, let me just point out that I read and own this book in both English & Spanish because I wanted to see what the cultural and lingual differences would be after translation from it's original print in Spanish to the English print...yes. there are many differences.

Premise: Of Love and Other Demons is based in 18th century, South America, a love affair blooms between a young girl with long curly red locks and a priest. On Sierva Maria's twelfth birthday, she is bitten by what is thought to be a rabid dog and is considered to be possessed. All the while, she is being raised in her father's mansion (her mother is 'away') by a nanny who practices Santeria and even teaches it to the girl, who is adorned with black and red necklaces meant to protect her.

This book takes you through the turmoil and love encompassing Sierva Maria's life, and takes you back to a very different time when love was just love...but sometimes it can kill you. It can make you the happiest person on earth one moment and then break your heart into a million pieces. Basically...Love can be a demon.

Bottom Line: READ THIS BOOK. I feel like I've heard of the makings of a movie but obviously it hasn't been released . Young girl+ grown/older PRIEST falling in love = forbidden on your tv screens AND the big screen. Because we can read things that are essentially effed up regardless of the story and message behind it, but we can't be allowed to watch them on screen.