Curls Book Share: 'Free Pass' by Elizabeth Scott

Originally, I swiped this book the "read. reviewed. Take 'em if you want" basket during my internship at PINK Magazine here in Atlanta. Sidebar: My favorite "job" ever...and I didn't even get paid for it.

But anyways...This book. When I got the book I had no idea what it was about, I just knew it was a free read and thought it was pretty jazzy that the book was an Uncorrected Proof and NOT FOR SALE.
So I took it home to my no cable, no video games, seen all of the movies I have 10 times apartment and started reading. About 2 chapters in, I was hooked. I was surprised I was because upon looking at the details of the author and story, the book is actually categorized in the "erotica" genre. Not typically my cup of tea, but this one wasn't trashy or raunchy...just descriptive and entertaining.

Free Pass is based around three couples who are in some way approaching or experiencing "the itch" where they allow (some more than others) to have a one night stand with a stranger and one exception: they have to share EVERY detail afterwards. The results:

Couple 1:           Cherisse and Wesely
Location:           Miami, FL
What went down: Cherisse has her eye on a young, handsome lifeguard. They set a date to meet up and are both super excited for a potential rendezvous on the beach. Wesley has his eye on a mysterious redhead in the next building who what I'll just call...compromising and personal positions. He stalks her to meet her..and then....oh come on read the book.

Couple 2:           Melanie and husband
Location:           Unable to get away-Gym they own
What went down: She meets a "traveler" in town on business while he's working out in their gym. She openly hits on him in her office. Tells him the agreement with her husband. Long story short, they get right to it right there in the gym after it closes and she assumes they are alone. But they aren't. Someone sees the whole thing.

Couple 3:           Deborah and Gordon
Location:           Greece
What went down: While on vacation, the couple sees a Russian couple on a terrace nearby during an intimate event and are intrigued. This revs up their engines as a couple, making them closer in a way that was vital for their relationship. They see the Russian couple in town and are even more interested...they all meet up for dinner and drinks, then head home with this other couple. Lots of wine..more wine...partner swapping...worry...panic...realizations of reality.    

Bottom line: if this book is published...well first of all if this book is published, the title is active throughout this posting and you can find it on Amazon by clicking on any of the mentions... FREE PASS lol.
If there are any copies available, it's worth the read. It's raunchy but not so much so that you'd think...'ummm...seriously?' It has an interesting plot that people really think about. But to truly consider bringing that to the table within your relationship, you have to consider the (obvious) consequences. This book shows you both sides and does so flawlessly. Kudos to Elizabeth Scott on this one. 5/5 stars. Read it. If a movie does arise, READ THE BOOK FIRST.