Retro Post: 25 Things for My New Year

Sooo...yesterday was my brithday...thank you to all who sent me birthday wishes, and for those who didn't, you can still send me treats. Anywho, I turned 25, a "milestone" some say-I say it's a lucky year because 2+5=7 and that's my lucky number. I predict this year to be amazing. So any ill-wishers, you can suck it. So here I give you my 25. It's a nice mix of what I will do in my 25th year, things that are now in my realm, things that have changed and other random tidbits for MY new year. I'll deliver 11 items for the 2011 New Year when that rolls around in a few days...that list will be nicely rounded and hopefully include some things you'd like to add to YOUR New Year's list.

Away we go:

1. Able to rent a car without the extra "under 25" fee
2. Coqui ink
3. Not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help when I need it
4. Any ill memories from last year or any year prior will remain THERE and not intrude on this or any future year
5. Laugh everyday-hard.
6. Keep up with contacts and friends more often than just on holidays
7. Maintain an organized closet
8. Read more books
9. Take more baths (in addition to showers, duh)
10. Travel. Whether it be by boat, plane or car (road trip anyone?!)
11. Hop into the next age bracket (smh)
13. Get a cookbook and use it-one recipe per week minimum
14. Learn Italian
15. Keep fresh flowers in the house and around me
16. Go to more museums and art exhibits
17. Have more cupcake & champagne nights
18. Figure out Call of Duty ('Black Ops") once and for all (smh)
19. Cease dumbing down my abilities and experience for any person or business
20. Try out the whole vegetarian thing for at least a week
21. Take more pictures. And print them out. Aaaaannddd frame them
22. Wear pretty undies-everyday (every woman should do this)
23. Weed out the bad apples in my life-and keep them out
24. Get a red coat for next winter. I've always wanted a fabulous red coat.
25. Try to be less clumsy. I am he clumsiest person....I know.

Any suggestions?

Until next time friends, foes & voyueristic peeps....Live well, love much, laugh often !


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