Retro Post: Weeds. The show. The obsession.

I'd like to start with the discovery of Weeds. Does anyone else watch this show whether it be on Netflix or the actual run time on television?? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the gist of it:

Nancy is a single, widowed mother in the suburban neighborhood of 'Agrestic'. Nancy has 2 sons, one who does NOT have a filter-6th grade age...and a teen who's about 17 and is a complete mess. Mommy also sells weed to keep her family afloat. She sells it to people in the neighborhood...she has a dealer, but later moves on to have her own grow house, with the nice twist that she ends up meeting and dating a FREAKING DEA agent. #epicfail. She tries to break it off when she finds out...he tells her he knows what she does...but cares about her and won't take her down....she marries him in Vegas for "business reasons"...he taps her phone, hears her tell her partner she doesn't love "Agent Wonderbread" and voila, now he's against her....wants her to complete the last harvest, find a single seller (it's worth around ohhh....half a million dollars), and give him ALL OF THE MONEY. Sooooo...the day of the 'sale', he comes to the grow house, sits outside in his car...but then an Armenian girl knocks on his window...he opens it (of course), and the Armenians he raided and sent to jail the week before take him into a house...and kill him. Yep. Sooooooo...yea....lets just say now there are 2 sets of machine guns aimed at her head and her son stole the weed....all of it. 

Thats as far in the second season as I've gotten..and I'm annoyingly hooked on this show-ironic isn't it? Now by no means do I condone selling, buying or smoking weed, but for some reason the whole story-line-or rather story-lines have me completely hooked on this damn show. 

Today might be a daily honor of 11.11, there will be a second blog posting today dealing with romance more than likely...or perhaps I'll focus on what wishes people will make today...or have made... use the hastag #1111wish and @ me on Twitter with your wishes! @s_dotowens 

Until next time... love and happiness!