Retro Post: SPIN IT, BABY!!

Ok, so I've started back up with my spin classes and I've noticed that each instructor is very different. I know you're probably thinking...DUH. But let me explain. Wednesday's instructor this week was a man who was a bit visually deceiving . He was heavier set up top, but had legs made of steel-and used them to lead a kick-ass spin class that left me wobbly and STARVING within 10 minutes. AMAZING class. Absolutely amazing!!

Again, that's WEDNESDAYS at NOON-Atlantic Station LA Fitness. His lineup of songs is great-our tempo was kept up to match the tempo of the songs, I was singing in my head 95% of the class, there was great variation with different moves, speeds and he wrapped up the class with the 'hover'. THAT shit is a sick workout. Ass of steel. I burned at least 800-900 calories in this class.

Now today's class...that's another story-for me at least. Oddly enough though, this class was PACKED! So I'm thinking...yesss this is going to be a good one. I'm even a little scared of the instructor just because. But then....the class started. The warm-up was typical for the most part...sprinting here and there...stand up, sprint...sit down, sprint. But then the 'real' workout started and it didn't stray too far from the warm-up. Sprint sprint sprint..stand, slow, sprint...sit...sprint. I was bored. Don't get me wrong, I was sweaty and got a good workout, but I was bored. I looked at the clock about 10 times...which I didn't do in the other class...annnddd...rolled my eyes a few times too.

Both days equalled a good workout, but Wednesday's class was a good workout and was entertaining-pep talk outbursts "don't cheat yourself", keep going!" and "you can do this. you can do anything!"  Todays class included a lot of barking at the class and demanding we only do what she was doing (which is difficult considering how boring some people HAD to be)..and the cool down music was GOSPEL. I don't discriminate against music and I believe people can listen to whatever the hell they want in their own headphones...but this is on a loud speaker. Let's NOT do gospel music for a spin class. It just seems so...out of place. Anyways, I preferred Mr. Wednesday and plan to hit another location's noon spin class for next Thursday.

I will keep you posted on tomorrow's class at this location and the classes at other locations next week!!

Until next time people...peace, love and SWEAT!