Retro Post: Falling into fall...literally


Yep. That's pretty much what it sounds like in my head. Fall came in and started shit like a bat out of hell and hasn't stopped yet-although it has allowed for random amazing encounters and carrying-ons such as the MillerCoors T.A.P Awards + the after 'outing' at Gold Room, time for bonding with people that matter and a bit of sleeping in here and there.

My apologies for not following up on the eats drinks and romance post, but some other things came up. Like... full time unemployment stress,  part time employment responsibilities stress, brownies, altered workouts, Xbox (yea...about that...this includes Netflix, surfing games and UNO. Sorry guys, no Black Ops for me), sporadic schedules, disappearing clients (as far as tutoring goes) and of course, job search stress. Because after all, you're either OVER qualified (bullshit), or the employer is UNDER qualified to be in business at all. But yea, sorry about that one...but really I would've had to write it in 5-6 different parts.

So anyways, Fall. It's that time of year when the temperature drops, cuddling is a priority, businesses are hiring and firing and you're having to add "which way is up" to your daily tasks. If you're working for a decent employer, you're hoping for a bonus or just hoping to not get let go. If you're unemployed you're getting a little stir crazy and hopefully putting some focus on your passions-because you never know who's watching...the most successful of people get discovered by accident.

Thus far Fall has brought about excessive emotions- which can be a good or bad thing, the discovery of the show 'Weeds' on Netflix, Sunday dinners, bill collector harassment, glitter shoes and scrambled eggs.

Which one should we begin with??

Stay tuned. I'm being distracted by season 1 of Weeds at the moment.