Retro Post: WTH Happened in Texas??

Day 1, Wednesday September 15, 2010

TX, Delta flight 2837, departing ATL @ 9:45am, arriving in San Antonio @ 11:11am (yep, I booked that on purpose)
Networking in the airport scored me 5 drink cards. Now with the beverage cart coming around at 10:30a I'm wondering....should I? Then I see someone else utilize a free drink voucher, which makes me think I should....but then....I'm sitting next to a professor-seemingly from GA Southern, who's writing some sort of long essay on his notepad. Although I'm on my educated flyer steez reading an article about uranium in The New Yorker, I feel like I could be judged as a lush of a young, brown girl in chili red lo pro Vans.
As the cart gets closer....I go back and forth in my I or don't I get a rum and coke????then....I remember my papito's words from back in the day when we lived in Miami and later Puerto Rico and it was the weekend..."It's noon somewhere"...and I proudly ordered my rum and coke at 10:36am EST, at 40,000 feet in the air.
I'd like to take a moment to give a shoutout to Delta for having roaming employees-that are at the airport on their day off with the sole purpose to hop on a flight to their hometown-for a haircut- and network with travelers. Also a BIG shoutout to Delta for saying F-you to the peanut haters terrified of peanut allergies and maintaining the bag of peanuts (AND-not or, biscotti cookies) . They're the perfect complement to my rum and coke. After all, I am technically on vacation.
Also, thank you Delta for maintaining the "first bag checked free" policy. It seriously chumped my last trip to San Antonio when I flew with...the "other" Atlanta hub...who charged me about $20+ (or whatever the ridiculous fee is) to check my bag. SMH
Day 2, Thursday September 16,2010
Sleeping in for once on a weekday (this is unheard of in my day-to-day routine)....or so I thought. Abuela calls Mami at oh, 6:20am. Papito then sneaks BACK in the house to bring us tacos to surprise us for when we wake up. The dog FLYS off the bed because he hears Papitos voice. I get up to get him. Then he huffs and puffs until Mami takes him out. Long story short, I'm up at 7am watching Despierta Amèrica on Telemundo. Smh. At least I don't have to go to work.
Drink suggestion sidebar: A drink we learned to make at H.E.B.: Moscato sparkling wine+ watermelon+ mint leaves = AMAZING. Try it! …Great paired with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, olive oil and Italian herbs on Triscuits…yes, buttery yummy Triscuits. Way too excited pom in the background not included.
Day 3, Friday September 17, 2010
I-N-T-E-R-N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L DAY! No really….we went to…India, Korea/Japan/China, Africa and Israel. Ok not literally…but we went to all of their stores. Found some interesting things too-I didn’t know ‘lightening cream’ was still a practiced thing for Africans. I know it’s advertised heavily in India, but Africa? That was new to me…The artwork on the ba
ck door was amazing…they had Fufu flour. (?) …

and this visit was super short because the one person working in the shop this day-who was NOT the owner-was just plain not nice-actually she was flat out rude from the moment we walked in. She followed us around
the store, tried to look over my shoulder to see if I was taking pictures and proceeded to tell me I could not take pictures in the shop-after I had clearly taken about 5. She specifically said “are you taking pictures?!” Naturally, I calmly replied…No. I mean what are you going to do? A sign stating “no pictures” was NOT posted, WHAT do you have to hide, and why are you all in my personal space trying to look at my phone? Needless to say my mother gave her a few choice words and we exited the establishment. I did get my pictures though. So dear mean lady at the African shop: SUCK IT. Everyone else…Enjoy.
Select picture Explanations (yea, it’s necessary)
Sticky Cowboy: really guys? #pausethat
Baba Ghanoush: Yep, it’s real. Now…where’s an explanation for why that was Vince Vaugn’s nickname in Wedding Crashers?
Choya: My FAVORITE plum wine.
Wu Chung White Fungus-with Lotus Nuts: I got nothin’. Form your own foolishness.
Day 4, Saturday September 18, 2010
My mother’s birthday! I took her to get her very first massage at the nearest Massage Envy location in San Antonio. I drove. I got lost. It took us 40 minutes to get there and an hour + to get home. Don’t judge me. Texas highways are a beast. Oh and we had ‘dinner’ (at 3pm, because the birthday girl was hungry)…at Piatti. It was delicious!
Day 5, Sunday, September 19, 2010
. Back to reality. Flew back to Atlanta. Used another drink ticket on the plane. Yep. That is all.

Stay tuned for…..’Goodbye summer!’ …………….Hawlur!