Retro Post: A message to professionals

When it comes to the "professional' world, what constitutes professionalism and who is it expected from? The boss? The staff? Everyone in between? When a boss verbally abuses their staff, underpays them, has NO advancement opportunities and takes extreme measures to avoid offering benefits to a SHORT list of employees, what can they REALLY expect in return?  And on the flip side, is an employee obligated to succumb to the previous list of employer abuses, just to get a paycheck of peanuts with no end in sight?

WTF is professionalism anyway??...According to Webster's, its THIS:



\-ˈfesh-nə-ˌli-zəm, -ˈfe-shə-nə-ˌli-\


: the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person
: the following of a profession  for gain or livelihood
So...conduct, aims and qualities of a professional person- this would be the BOSS as well as the EMPLOYEE. And for GAIN or LIVELIHOOD-that would be...decent pay and benefits. Amazing.

Bottom line: there has to be fair ground. There are a million people willing to just go to work for a paycheck and not care if they get benefits or even room for advancement. These are the people who are complacent in everyday life and always will be. Maybe these are the people certain employers LOOK for. The type of person they can ask everything of, make cry and underpay...but aren't willing to offer benefits, paid time off or common human courtesy in return. 

 There's a slim few individuals that are willing to work their asses off so long as they get compensated accordingly. These few people are willing to work 12-15 hour days, 6 days a week...with little sleep and a smartphone and/or laptop GLUED to them at all times. THESE are the people with ambitions, drive and motivation to show their employer that THEY are here for the team and are willing to do whatever it takes to make that team be at the top of their game at ALL times. Willing to do IT ALL for proper compensation and benefits. That's common practice though, right? 

Sadly enough, these hard to come by individuals are the main ones that get shafted and get the short end of the stick...they get the run around when it comes time for 'that talk' with their boss...and even end up FIRED because they're  ambitious and actually want to do some real deal WORK while getting a return from their employer. Cuz thats CRAZY talk, right? Getting PROPERLY COMPENSATED for WORKING. Simple equation you'd think....but then again....what is some people's LOGIC is rubbish to the person so-called running the business.

In the long run, bosses like these have control issues, selfishness issues and are basically spoiled brats. They give you a 'job' because they don't want to offer you a career...which boils down to them not expecting you to be ambitions or want anything more from life but a complacent seat in the back row of the ride to nowhere. 

You work for next to nothing with no chance of advancement...while they get richer and lease out the newest Euro luxury car. Because after all...their car represents who they are, right? The bigger the car the bigger the boss....or is it...the bigger the car, the bigger the boss' EGO? These are individuals who have a family for the family portrait...but then have a full time nanny on PAYROLL. 

Don't get me wrong...I am NOT categorizing all bosses. You can have a really nice your business better than the rest...have a family..and STILL have MORALS and VALUES. It's POSSIBLE. (stay tuned for a post on an individual who makes this happen)

And after all that, I just have 2 messages to send out. One is to the employer and the other is to the employee. 

Treat your employees with fairness. COMPENSATE THEM accordingly once they've paid their dues-which includes TIME spent with the company. It doesn't take long to recognize a hard worker. Don't condemn employees for having AMBITIONS and don't treat them like peons.

Pay your dues, work hard...go for your DREAM JOB. But fight for what you DESERVE and don't be complacent. You'll regret it in the long run. Live your life for YOU. 

And that's all for this up, "Fall eats drinks and lovin' "  is back on the platter...piping hot. Get your drinks ready.