Retro Post: Part 1> Goodbye Summer. Hello, (insert LONG list here)

What's that long list? Oh....Fall, Urgent Care and a Burn Center. Yes. Urgent Care and a Burn Center. Oh and losing my job for not being "warm and fuzzy" enough. I didn't even know that was possible. *long sigh*...ok lets get to it.

Urgent Care alert

Sooooo it's a Friday and I'm at my former employer's office, in East Point. And I have to admit...I had an awesome time the night before and was plain hungover. Not the 'I can't function' hungover...I could still do my job...but definitely the 'I can't eat anything' hungover. Which wasrough. So at lunch I head to Kroger and pick up a Cup O Soup, grapes and a Vitamin Water. (hangover prescription)
You may be able to see where this is going.

I go upstairs, heat up water for my noodles (I'm so looking forward to this lunch btw), and rinse my grapes. As the water heats up I rinse the grapes and pick them all off the vine and pop them into a nice neat bowl. Steadily I head back down the stairs with this hot ass cup o' water and my grapes. I get 90% down the stairs, the water sploshes, I react and the ENTIRE cup of boiling water falls on me, the grapes drop to the floor and scatter about. My first reaction is to pick up my mess of grapes considering one of the other offices has clients. That office's assistant hears my cry of pain, comes over and asks me if I burned myself. I'm thinking no I'm cool...then i think about it and my stomach is in fact hurting quite a bit. I look at my stomach and its completely red and blistering in spots. The burning sensation is NOT going away. She grabs the first aid kit and gives me burn cream..I put it on...the burning does NOT stop. I tell my office manager I need to leave, and make sure I show the wound so there's no question as to whether I'm really hurt. I head out and off to CVS to ask the pharmacist's opinion on whether there is a wrapping i could put on or whether I should head to Urgent Care. The pharmacist was a joke and basically just got smart for me for not putting ice on it, because and I quote "Cold puts out hot". So I head to Perimeter Urgent Care in Buckhead. I get there, show them the burn and they refer me to a BURN CENTER. But it's Friday. So...I can't go until Monday. I have to change a really uncomfortable dressing everyday until. Yay. There goes my weekend.

Monday's Part 2 coming right up...piping hot. Literally.