Retro Post: If these walls could talk, what would they say??

What would your walls say if they could talk?Specifically your walls today in your own home and the walls in the house you grew up in. A coworker and I got to chatting about it today at random..and this is the result.

The differences between the house I grew up in and the my home now came out as follows..think about yours...go ahead. Let your mind wander.

Walls in the house I grew up in

..if the walls could talk in the house i grew up in...they would talk about typical preteen and teen arguments between me and my mom, spats between my mom n my never really intervening in me and Mami's spats because then that would be a war zone for sneaking on the phone..and sometimes getting caught..SOMETIMES. Me waiting on a call from a boyfriend and falling asleep..then the call coming in and me being so startled...I FLIP off of the bed (it happened ONCE. Don't judge me)..Mami watching Lifetime movies on the couch...Me begging for my parents to get my Lowrider, Import Tuner and Latina magazine subscriptions...I got them all...My argument was flawless..Mami YELLING "What channel are you on??!" from the living room to any other room because she wanted someone else to watch what she was watching- even if they were in another room...lots of cooking..LOTS...get togethers..more cooking....everyone coming entertaining ourselves being nosey about the neighbors and Mami drinking wine then going to dinner together...Mami crying on the phone with siblings...Mami reacting to her father's death...Papito reacting to his Mother's death....My crying in my room because the transition from Puerto Rico to COLUMBUS, GA was TRAUMATIC and terrible....Me making out with boyfriends in the carport...etc...etc....

Walls in MY home now (apartment, home..same difference.I live there. shit.)

..ohh if the walls could talk in my apartment...quite frankly there could be some potentially incriminating shit going on. Period. ...Me running around naked...ignoring phone calls..blatantly. Yea I saw you call but I just didn't want to talk..soo naturally I texted you on my way out or something..asking if you called. ...Many many visits by my love @ohsnapdanni best friend of 10 years...visits by my girl Gab..her coming over when I got laid off with a bottle of wine ready to chat with me and let me rant ( I will always love you for that GB)...guys I dated, arguments we had...tears...things being thrown...bottles of wine, bottles of tequila, bottles of vodka...trips here and there wherein it took (and still takes) me 3 weeks to completely mumbling everyday that I really need to organize my closet (yes, out loud)... certain people or a certain person appearing and reappearing in my life...a fridge full of groceries, a fridge with nothing but water, butter and eggs (the incredible, edible egg) sessions...dancing and danni dancing and drinking before going dancing alone in my underwear (we all do it, don't front) and my Argentina/Gatita revving up for a salsa night...smoke alarms going off due to burnt english muffins (smh)...experimentation with food...the faces from the failed experiments...SPRINTS to the bathroom to throw up after drinking too much (I won't name names but I wasn't and am not the only one) EVERYWHERE for no apparent reason...stomping around on purpose because the neighbor's music is too damn loud-BELOW ME (#obnoxious) parents last Thanksgiving in Georgia at my house =) ...My Godparents coming to visit me (they are too cute)...Gab staying with me for 2 weeks before she abandoned me, I mean moved to yelling "ARE U SERIOUS" from my bed at her hacking in the bathroom brushing her teeth every falling asleep on the same couch interlocked (?) getting up at 5am to workout and not being able to get out of bed till I play whatever my "get up and get ur ass going" song is at the moment (Currently: "Winner") ... movies and pizza...drinking games...more drinking randomly reading on the couch...falling asleep on the couch..RELIGIOUSLY... staring contests...cry fests...Randomness. Awesomeness. Harmony. All with no cable. (again, don't judge me. I'd rather spend my money on other random shit).

Think about your then and now...what has changed? Do you like it? Love it? You should..because the only person you can be is yourself...where you choose to lay your head is your castle...who you let into your castle should always be worthy of being invited into your private world. Pay attention...lock the negative out...let the love in.


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