Retro Post: Texas Hold 'Em...catch & release

Thanks to Airtran, I was able to take a trip to San Antonio, TX to visit the 'rents (and the dog) at surprisingly low air fare-all things (and distance) considered. I took a few pictures and shall share them here...beginning to end HoustonAtlantaVegas...or in this case...AtlantaSanAntonioAtlanta..because I absolutely hate connecting flights...nonstop only please.

My arrival to the San Antonio Airport (at 10:22am central standard time), was a hot one. As soon as I stepped off the plane...there was the Texas DRY HEAT of around 94 degrees (feels like 98.5). Not a problem though, because I would've instantly been in a pissy mood had it been cold. Hell I would've been in a pissy mood had I flown anywhere that's cold in May. Pointblank. Once I arrived I sat outside and awaited the arrival of my wiley and uber-excited mother... people watching. People's initial reactions to visitors are always interesting. You have the OMG I'M SO HAPPY YOUR HERE!!!'s, the ""..and the..."meh. hi. get in before anyone honks at me's."..lucky for me, MY mother is the excitable, I'm crashing into things because I'm so happy and excited to see you type...and I'm quite ok with that.

While in Texas, we took a trip to Greune , TX. (courtesy of Papito, Mr. scenic route himself) which apparently is an old German town in the rolling hills of a random part of TX..about 45 minutes from San Antonio. While talking amongst ourselves in the car, my mother and I concluded that these people have to be crazy to live out here...they must have to make a special trip weekly to get groceries or anything else...and that they should build a Wal-Mart or something closer..which we immediately retracted because, naturally...we doubt the people in that community would WANT a Wal-Mart anywhere in the vicinity. Along the ride and amongst the random banter, we naturally had to stop at a gas station to get 'snacks'. We stopped at a random one..of which I can't even remember the name, but I do remember someone was selling tie-died shirts from their van. Now that I think of it, I should've taken a picture of THAT. Anywho...we got jalapeño chips (how fitting) and my (and mami's) throwback favorite..CHICK-O-STICKS! There was also a candy bar called "Big Hunk", which...aside from the slightly inappropriate name, also had a warning on it for parents to supervise their children whilst they 'enjoy' this confection. Umm...?
And as for the other candy pictured...Shake that Laffy Taffy.

Once we arrived in Greune (Where they've been "Gently resisting change since 1872"), it looked like any general type of olden town...and it was hot. Hot as hell. Not all of the shops were open yet, as it was still early...but the first shop I saw made it seem like this may get interesting. "Tipsy Gypsy" was the name..and ironically, since everything was JUST opening for the day...we went to every other store in this quaint town EXCEPT for Tipsy Gypsy. Typical of my kind. But the rest of the places were equally odd, yet interesting...with the usual 'quirky' house ornaments, 'custom' apparel and accessories..and of course...cowboy rainboots. You heard me right. Rainboots that resembled cowgirl/boy boots. Welcome to Greune.

One, or well two of the highlights in Greune, TX: wine tasting & jam/salsa sampling. One place had literally over 150 samples. Even I would say that's overdoing it a bit. That place I left feeling like I needed a MEAL. The wine tasting however...VEDDY NICE. It's name? 'The Grapevine'... your first 3 tastes are free with each additional running $1 each. Whole glasses run an average of $7-12, which is reasonable for anywhere. After my fourth tasting, I fell in love with a sweet red wine with a name along the lines of 'Knight Rider'... So I purchased a whole glass...and when I asked if I could take it outside to their patio, the 'bartender' replied with "Oh, would you like me to put it in a plastic cup so you can walk around with it?" What? I can walk around with my liquor??? Why YES, yes indeed. I'll take my glass of wine to go! *Happy camper* ...

All in all, the trip to Greune was rather relaxing...After a quick drop off of the pet and an outfit change-I've said this before-there is a minimum of 2 outfits per day required in Texas just because of the heat- we went to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, then it was off to the shops, etc.

Then Saturday last day in Texas. My parents were kind enough to wake me up at EIGHT A.M. to go to breakfast. Luckily, it was at an adorable place..'Sugarbakers'...the name says it all. Decked out in Pink and frilly things, this bakery/deli-style restaurant is "so fetch".
After breakfast, Mami & I took 1 last trip to the Central Market (by H.E.B) of the local grocery stores, where the theme was "Passport to Argentina". And what does this mean on a Saturday at the Market? Taste testing of Argentine wine, steak, cheese, potato salad (all complete with chimmichurri sauce-minus the wine)...we tasted everything, and then decided we would each get a beer. Because in beer is quite alright and they are sold separately in the grocery store. Mami chose a St. Pauli Girl because and I quote "It has a girl on it, it's for girls"

Every time I visit San's always uniquely interesting & entertaining..."VEDDY NICE, VEDDY NICE"..Now..its back to business & reality (complete with a cold) my new Tuxedo shoes..(courtesy of Steve Madden in Northstar Mall of San Antonio...sold by my favorite salesman with the brand new sternum tat.)