Retro Post: Back to the blab, barefoot bubbly and blueberries-Part 1

Don't get over-excited...part 1 is short and sweet...yet soon to have a part 2...which will be more lengthy and satisfy your hunger for aaalllllodisssss...

Amazing what ultimately ends up inspiring you, regardless how annoying it can be. When you end up in a backyard passing around a hookah pipe and chatting with people that for whatever reason feel like family...and that express the sentiment of being certain they had to have known you in a previous life...what can you do but just ...enjoy that shit. Love, live, laugh..stop complaining all the GODDAMN time.

Side note: its 2010, and the whole "had to go to the highest point in the house to use my cell" thing is complete rubbish. Why the f*ck are u in someone's room, in the dark, alone, on the phone??? #wheretheydothatat ? You've got me perplexed, flexing the *confused* face. Please refrain.

...I believe that when you lose your root
choose your sunlight, it could be your guide
No more political dreams, not another excuse
Don't need another love song, we need the LOVE BOMB...

this is just the beginning. stay tuned. Curls is back bitchessssss