Retro Post: Situationals and shit

Lets dance in style, lets dance for awhile…
Situations that we get placed in, whether it be forcefully without our consent or if we subconsciously placed ourselves in them, can change, strengthen, or simply help mold our outlook on social, professional, and personal environments.

At the end of the day, even though those groups may overlap, they must also be separated. Meaning, if you work in the same office as your wife/husband for example, and you get into an argument on the way to work, you know better than to take that in the office with you. That’s your personal business, and has nothing to do with your professional tasks or position. This goes for friendships, family members, etc. It would seem to come as common sense especially the way we are bred as Americans to work work work and focus on our professional lives-at times above all else.

As American women, we had to go through suffrage and get APPROVED to be able to vote. APPROVED. As in a law had to be changed. Then we had to be considered and ALLOWED to be next to men in the workplace. Now really considering that, what kind of shit is it that 30% of bullying in the workplace is initiated by women? Once you include stay at home mothers, women who are homemakers, and those who work from home along with those actually in the workforce- women don’t even make up 30% of the workforce in the US. Yet, 30% of all drama is created by them.

Why not work to better yourselves than focus on other people and actually exerting energy to bring THEM down, or shade their image in any way just to make yourself feel better or as though you are more powerful because you have now done so.

Take a look inside, and then out …pay attention, take time to THINK. The most successful people think before they act-they don’t just jump into every deal or every piece of gossip. If they did jump right in to those things they wouldn’t be half as successful as they are today. Really..think about your favorite celebrity who is REALLY successful. They don’t involve themselves in drama-most wont even read message boards and gossip mags- the same ones you’re probably picking up to see who gained 20 lbs or see who is allegedly cheating on who or has a lovechild. Check yourself, check your actions…you might learn something. Think of it as constructive criticism from you to you. Nobody has to know.
THE POWER OF SILENCE: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." -- Abraham LincolnLadies AND gents- Don’t be the one to remove all doubt. Ladies-you’re better than that, you know it. Help yourself by helping others and knowing how to separate those groups-professional, personal, social. We can ALL do it. Just takes a little humble pie. Have a slice or 2.