AlBuM ReviEWs: Akon & Taylor Swift....yes, you read that right.

Hellloo therreeee...nothing too complicated about this blog post...2 album reviews....each song commented on...thats about it...plain and simple...enjoy! your thoughts are welcome....Taylor Swift fans-see if you agree with me on the Forever and Always track..hmmm?


1. Fearless-country songs are just so sweet…well sweet or depressing, this one is sweet..describes pretty much how it goes when you’re crushing on someone (yes I said crushing) and are tryna keep your cool, but you’re still fearless about it, or at least tryna be…7

2. Fifteen- pretty much sums up that year of a girl’s life…perfectly..right on the nose …I give it a 7

3. Love Story-umm well this is my favorite song right now sooo….yea. sweetest song ever..if I were getting married this would be the first dance song choice forreals…even tho it’s the country-version as opposed to the more poppy rendition..the lyrics are the same..and I’m still in love with this song. -10!

4. Hey Stephen- cute song…if I knew it/when I learn it I could see myself singing it while cleaning the house or something-6

5. White Horse-sad song...break up song for sure..that will have you sobbing-hard. 6

6. You Belong With Me-reminds me of every guy I’ve dated seriously’s ex girlfriend haha…’she’s goin off about something that you said cuz she doesn’t get your humor like I do’…’she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts”….’I’m listening to the kind of music she doesn’t like’...’what you’ve been lookin for has been here the whole time’….’I’m the one that makes u laugh when you’re about to cry’…I love it…hmm I listened to it twice…this one gets a 9

7. Breathe- good melody, very chill…pretty song..again, sweet lyrics

8. Tell Me Why- upbeat, guitar action going on lol…I give it a 6

9. You're Not Sorry- yes…indeed. I would’ve loved to have this song last year ..’I been giving out chances every time and all you do is let me down’…’and you’re thinkin we’ll be fine again but not this time around’...‘you don’t have to call anymore, I wont pick up the phone’ …for sure. Glad that’s all behind me now-great song. It gets an 8

10. The Way I Loved You-I like this one…all about being crazy in love…sweet….7

11. Forever & Always-sounds like a song I’ve heard before…can’t quite put my..finger..on it..hmmm…It’ll come to me. I like it though… comes in at a 6..will move up when I think of the other song l..GOT IT! “over my head” by The Fray. Similar melody and vocal arrangement..ha! it gets a 7

12. The Best Day-a little slow moving, but still didn’t hit skip…very chill song…6

13. Change- good beat, good closing song for the album..6

Apologies for the first half not having much to say for Akon's album, but these are songs I’ve heard..the ones I’m listening in their entirety for the first time have a little bit more commentary attached….


1. RIGHT NOW (NA NA NA)- been out for a while, nothing new here…I’d dance to it at a bar..or in a car…I give it a 7

2. BEAUTIFUL (feat. Colby O’Donis)-PAW DANCE song. I actually really like this song lol..This one I DO dance to whenever I hear it, no matter where I’m gets a 9 lol

3. KEEP YOU MUCH LONGER- groovy tune…6

4. TROUBLEMAKER (feat. Sweet Rush)- me likes…reminds me of coe for some reason…prob just cuz I only heard it in his car till now

5. WE DON’T CARE -i give this one a 6….thats all. 6. I’M SO PAID (feat. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy)- me gusta….very chill…8

7. HOLLA HOLLA (feat. T -Pain)-hala hala hala hala lol…fun song ...8

8. AGAINST THE GRAIN (feat. Ray Lavender)-liking this one a lot….definite singing drunk in the car song…or just in the house…fa’sho’ lol…8

9. BE WITH YOU-this one could either be an annoying song about an ex…or a semi-sweet (like the chocolate chips) song for someone new who’s aware of ur past n is putting up with it but ur tryna tellin em” I wanna be with YOU” gets a 6 either way

10. SUNNY DAY (feat. Wyclef)-uhhh…………4….also this track is way to long

11. BIRTHMARK -I think Ive crossed over into the uber-R&B half of the album…..this song’s a bit… shall I say...a downer…is he talking about a damn baby on the way and getting back with the mom at the beginning? If so….it gets a zero. ..otherwise…the hook, and only the hook gets a 4..I guess that made me angry.

12. OVER THE EDGE –eh…yea I def crossed into the R&B side….umm….5..but I feel like this track could grow on me…

13. FREEDOM- I like this one…nice song mixing the different meanings of freedom…nicely done. 8