Atlanta BLIZZARD OF '09, 7 things you didnt knw about me, and that good ish ur entertained with

Three Places I Have Lived
1. Fajardo, PR 2. Miami, FL 3. San Antonio, TX

Three Places I Have Been:
1. Colón, Panamá 2. Harlem/Brooklyn/Bx, NY 3. New Orleans, LA

thats 6...umm so to make the promised 7 ... umm..... :

7. I love office/school supplies for no real reason

umm and as for the recent Atlanta BLIZZARD OF '09, heres what it looked like out there...a freakin 'winter wonderland', on MARCH 1st. what? I woke up, saw flurries, didnt think too much of it, was headed to Fellinis for the time I got dressed, it was THROWING DOWN out there. full on snow storm. seriously.

To the left is what it looked like from the driver seat, and to the right is what it looked like to my side when I was brave enough to roll down the window and take a pic. After taking the picture and rolling the window up, i was pretty much covered in snow.


"is anybody out there? can anybody out there hear me? cuz I cant seem to hear myself...can anyone out there see me? cuz I cant seem to see myself...can anybody out there feel me? cuz I cant seem to feel myself....."

Thanks pandora, for playing that great song, even though its sad as hell. thanks for that. changing my station..NOW. cuz I'm not in a bad mood nor am I sad...Im on spring break! lol...still at work, but shisss.....thats a breeze compared to work+ class till 10pm. I am takin full advantage.

Does anyone else think that some way, we could be connected to our belongings on a subconcious level? Theres a connection with the beginning of this and that statement I promise:

Friday night, I went to dinner at a sushi restaurant....we got the chefs choice platter- the waiter asked the person I was with what the "budget" was...dude...dont ask a man that...he wouldve told u if there was a cap on dinner. sweet jesus. anywho, so I ALMOST DIED at dinner....umm at the end of dinner my heart started POUNDING, I felt out of breath, and dizzy/nauseous. I was forreal freaking out is wrong w me???? i went to the bathroom and just had to stand there for a minute....then we went out to valet, they brought my car around, I get in it, start to drive off...and....its SHAKING. I look at the dash and the engine light is BLINKING. wtf is that??? so now Im like ok seriously, how does that happen?? how do I hand over my car to the valet, and suddenly..its...broken??? ..basically doing the usual Capricorn SPAZ OUT ready to sue the valet company for effin up my friend was like...they didnt do anything. something is wrong with the car. long story short, I chugged it along to the dealership the next morning and there were valves broken, coils disfunctioning, cylinder misfires detected...a list of ish. all of which was under warranty. SCORE. shoutout and kudos to jim ellis audi of marietta for issuing me this sick loaner..which, although it was HUGE and is way bigger than anything I'd ever actually buy, was an awesome techie playground inside...amazing stuff in that thing, not to mention quattro 4wd that made me feel SUPER safe with that random atlanta blizzard of '09:

could todays blog be considered a photo blog?? hmmm....developing....lata playas...tweet me: