The Dream: Love vs Money: one-line per track album review

Ok, frist, I'll give my reviews of some worthy CD's out right now- Dream's just came out, the other has been out for a minute, but still worth the review. I feel like people might be stuck wondering about the rest of the CD since they have only heard 2 songs from the album on the radio from what I've heard (in Atlanta)-that one will have a separate post, since I underestimated how long it takes to listen to and rate EACH song on an album :) enjoi:

Up First:
Dream is back to his old tricks with this one- you wont even realize the tracks are changing because they flow seamlessly into one another. Gotta love it.
Just for a background, I'm not the biggest fan of extremely slow R&B songs, so take ratings on slower tracks with a grain of salt if you just LOVE slow R&B ;) Ratings range from 1-10, 10 being "loves it", 1 being "hated it" and so on in between. 5 is just an 'eh, is ok...anything with a score of 4 or below was skipped-couldnt even get thru the whole track. So here it goes:

1. Money Intro ¿?-no number score. intro is about 2 seconds long...(why'd he add it)
2. Rockin' That Sh** 10- great song of course

3. Walkin' On The Moon featuring Kanye West 8 -I like the Kanye steeze that was added

4. My Love featuring Mariah Carey 9- who doesnt like MC's crazy ass, she has an awesome voice.

5. Put It Down 4 - and here we have the super slow R&B song. shiss. SKIP.

6. Sweat It Out 5- slow R&B, but it has a good hook-still got skipped, just later.

7. Take U Home 2 My Mama 7- catchy, has to be heard to get the clever storyline 7-11 tell, and has a good hook;could be re-named 'do that again'

8. Love vs. Money 10- respectively a Part 1- Blaming himself for the most part, excellent beat line and melody
"instead of lovin you I was makin it rain...I should've known money couldn't match love"
9. Love vs. Money: Part 2 10- He put Nivea on FRONT STREET. this song is ill.
"when love is your problem, no man can solve it"

10. Fancy 9- super smooth track, continues the storyline nicely

11. Right Side Of My Brain 10- another smooooth track, sure to get stuck in your, well, brain.

12. Mr. Yeah 9- great hook, lyrics...a bit of a simple tempo line...but overall a good listen, kinda sexy...good ending to the Nivea-related tracks.
"cupid ain't got sh*t on me"

13. Kelly's 12 Play 4- gave it about...75 seconds...too slow, typical 'slow jam'..could grow on you, but...SKIP

14. Let Me See The Booty featuring Lil Jon 6- lol...typical ATL joint. I'm sure the original AND whatever remix comes out-cuz it WILL have one, will be in the clubs. snap, snap, OH-KAYYYYY lol